Pokemon Go to Add New Way of Catching Pokemon

Pokemon Go is rolling out another major new feature.

A new Pokemon Go update is scheduled to come out this week and players have discovered evidence of a surprising new feature involving AR technology. It appears that Pokemon Go will launch a new "AR Plus" feature that involves finding Pokemon in the real world and then catching them.

The "AR Plus" feature appears to be a deeper version of the game's current AR mode, which basically replaces the background of the catch screen with a live feed from your phone's camera. Unlike the normal AR mode, you'll be able to "find" Pokemon hidden behind virtual bushes and then approach them in order to increase your odds of catching it. By sneaking up on a Pokemon, you'll be able to catch it without worrying about it knocking away PokeBalls or fleeing.

Based on the code, it looks like players can "frighten" a Pokemon by moving too close to it, which will then cause the Pokemon to become aware of your presence and react accordingly. Players only have a limited number of tries to catch each Pokemon using the AR Plus mode, and they get some sort of bonus with each successful catch. There also appears to be some sort of variable distance that players have to travel to catch a Pokemon - perhaps as a way to increase difficulty of the AR Plus mode for certain types of rare Pokemon.

We previously reported that the AR Plus mode was coming, but we certainly weren't expecting it to get rolled out this quickly. There's a few more surprises on the way in the new update, so stay tuned!