Pokemon Go Teases Big Improvements to Buddy System

Pokemon Go's next update will contain a revamped buddy system that will let players interact with their Pokemon in new ways. Over the weekend, Pokemon Go started its rollout of a new update, which contains some new "quality of life" improvements and fixes to some new bugs. Buried in the update notes for the new version of Pokemon Go is the mention of "new ways to interact with Buddy Pokemon," a tease of a much bigger feature coming to Pokemon Go soon. Dataminers discovered that the buddy system is getting a big update, with players now having the option to pet, play with, and feed Buddy Pokemon.

While details are still vague about the Buddy Pokemon overhaul, it seems that its tied to a new "Affection" mechanic that causes a Buddy Pokemon to grow more fond of its trainer. As a Buddy Pokemon's relationship with its trainer grows, it may even give the player gifts or get a temporary boost in its CP stats. Players might also see their Buddy Pokemon make random "cameo" appearances during Pokemon battles or in the overworld map, meaning that we may see Pokemon follow players around in the game.


The new Buddy system likely won't go live until the update is live on both Apple and Android devices. It's also possible that Pokemon Go will keep the system under wraps until after Christmas to give players something to look forward to for the start of 2020. Pokemon Go's Twitter account gave players a subtle hint about the new Buddy system earlier today, noting in a recap of the year that "we can’t forget about the memories that we created with our Pokémon GO buddies throughout this year, Trainers. Here’s to many more buddy adventures together!" The message was then followed by a winky face emoji, perhaps as a nod to fans who follow the game closely.

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