Pokemon Go's Latest Bug Makes Mass Evolving Impossible

Pokemon Go's latest glitch makes it a pain to evolve more than one Pokemon at a time.

Niantic has acknowledged the existence of a new bug in Pokemon Go, which causes the Pokemon list to scroll to the top whenever a Pokemon is evolved or transferred from the Pokemon screen. This means that players will have to scroll back down every single time they evolve a Pokemon, edit a Pokemon's name, or transfer a Pokemon from the Pokemon screen.

At first glance, this seems like a non-issue compared to other Pokemon Go glitches...at least until you try evolving more than one Pokemon in a sitting. A common way of grabbing a ton of XP at once is to use a Lucky Egg and then evolve as many Pokemon as you can during the Lucky Egg's 30 minute window. Unfortunately, having to scroll down after every evolution and transfer makes getting all that XP even more tedious than usual...and also a lot less efficient.

At least this bug isn't a gamebreaker and it seems like Pokemon Go is already working on a fix. With the holidays coming up, it could be a few days until we get a fix. Hopefully, players won't mind waiting to dump all the Pokemon they catch during the holiday event until after the holidays.