Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Will Feature This Popular Pokemon

Pokemon Go's next Community Day Pokemon was accidentally revealed by their Japanese website.

Last night, Pokemon Go's Japanese webpage noted that May's Community Day would feature Charmander and its evolved forms. Community Day is a monthly event that lasts for three hours and gives players a chance to capture a specific species of Pokemon. When that Pokemon is evolved during the event, its evolved form will learn an exclusive move that it can't usually learn in-game. The event also comes with a few extra bonuses and has always had increased odds of catching a Shiny Pokemon during the event.

This likely means that we'll get Shiny versions of Charmander in the game next month (which means we'll get that awesome black Shiny Charizard) and that we should see the arrival of Blast Burn as a new exclusive move.

The website also posted that May's Community Day would take place on May 19th, which moves Community Day back to a Saturday. For the last two months, Community Day has taken place on Sunday, which has upset some fans who have other obligations during the event.

It seems that Pokemon Go is following a pattern of a Starter Pokemon followed by a rare non-Starter Pokemon for its monthly Community Day events. Charizard is the second starter Pokemon to be the focus of a Community Day mini-event. March's Community Day featured Bulbasaur and boosted Venusaur's stock tremendously by giving it Frenzy Plant as a special Charge Move. Provided that Blast Burn's stats is similar to Frenzy Plant, it could potentially make Charizard a more valuable Attacker than the Legendary Pokemon Moltres.


The caveat is that Niantic still hasn't announced the next Community Day, at least not via social media posts. And while the Japanese Pokemon Go page has text related to Charmander and its evolved form on its page, the website still shows images related to Mareep, the focus of April's Community Day.

We should get an official announcement about the Community Day soon. In the meantime, let us know if you're excited about catching a ton of Charmander in May in the comment section!