Pokemon Go Seems to Have Two More Regional-Exclusive Pokemon

It appears that Pokemon Go's new wave of "Gen 4" Pokemon includes two regional-exclusive Pokemon.

We reported earlier today that Pokemon Go had added 20 new species of Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to the game. Most of the Pokemon are common species like Bidoof or Starly or the Starter Pokemon for the Sinnoh region. However, it appears that Pokemon Go has also made two of the new species into regional-exclusive Pokemon.

Reports from Pokemon Go players indicate that both Chatot and Carnivine are regional-exclusive Pokemon. Chatot has only been spotted in the Southern Hemisphere, while Carnivine seems to be limited to southeastern United States. We should stress that these are preliminary findings only, but it does look like players will have to do some traveling if they want all of the game's Pokemon.

Both Chatot and Carnivine do make some sense as regional-exclusive Pokemon. Chatot are based on parrots, which can be found mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, although real life parrots can be found as far north as Mexico and India, which are both north of the equator. Meanwhile, Carnivine was designed based on a Venus fly trap, a type of carnivorous plant found only in North and South Carolina.


If the reports are correct, it could indicate that Pokemon Go is planning on adding several more regional-exclusive species to the game. Right now there are 15 different species that are regional-exclusive Pokemon, although Pokemon Go will occasionally have the Pokemon spawn in different locations for special events. For instance, players were able to obtain the Kanto regional-exclusive Pokemon species Tauros, Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, and Mr Mime via Alolan eggs earlier this month. Most live events usually have at least one Pokemon species that can't usually be found in that location.

Keep in mind that these are early reports and we can't verify the exact range of these two Pokemon species. We should have more information soon, but it seems pretty certain that these Pokemon are both limited to only one geographic area.