Pokemon Go Updates Community Day Times

Pokemon Go has changed the time of its January Community Day event for players living in the Southern Hemisphere. Pokemon Go has announced that they are testing a change in Community Day hours based on what hemisphere players live in. For January, Pokemon Go will have its Community Day event take place between 11 AM and 2 PM local time for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, while players living in the Southern Hemisphere will have the event between 3 PM and 6 PM local time.

The change is meant to take advantage of the longer days in the Southern Hemisphere during the longest days of the year. While those living in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing short and chilly winters, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing their summer months, with December 21st being the longest day of the year for countries like Australia. By switching the hours, Pokemon Go is acknowledging the complaints of players who have to deal with early Community Days simply because their Northern Hemisphere counterparts are in the middle of their Winter season.


This is the latest Community Day time switch meant to provide a bit more flexibility for players. Originally, Pokemon Go divided their Community Day time zones into three distinct regions, each of which had their own start time. Pokemon Go eventually switched to a fixed start time based on the local time, but recently changed the hours once Community Day started to run close to the evening in the Northern Hemisphere. This newest switch should hopefully maximize participation by not punishing players who live in the Southern Hemisphere.

We'll see if Pokemon Go continues tinkering with its times, or if this is a permanent change. Pokemon Go's January Community Day will take place on January 19th.