Pokemon Go Announces June and July Community Day Plans

Pokemon Go players will once again have a say in what Pokemon will be the focus of upcoming Community Day events. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that players will get to choose between four Pokemon to appear in either the June or July Community Day events, with a vote taking place this weekend on Twitter. Players will get to choose between Squirtle, Weedle, Sandshrew, and Gastly, each of which will have their own exclusive move to help them in PvP battles. The Pokemon with the most votes will be featured in June, while the second place Pokemon will be featured in July's Community Day.

Each of the four Pokemon choices will their own unique advantages and exclusive movesets. Squirtle's evolved form Blastoise will learn the move Aura Sphere if evolved during Community Day, giving the Pokemon a move to counter Steel-type Pokemon popular in Great and Ultra League play. Weedle's evolved form Beedrill will learn the Ground-type Drill Run, which provides it with some addition type advantages. Both forms of Sandslash will learn the move Shadow Claw, which will give Alolan Sandslash a better Fast Move to use instead of Powder Snow. Finally, Gengar will learn the move Shadow Punch, providing it with a way to fake out opponents and have them waste Protect Shields.

The only downside to Pokemon Go's choices is that three of the four Pokemon already have their Shiny forms, so players will want to vote for Weedle if they want to guarantee a new Shiny Pokemon to appear in the game.

Players can vote over the weekend by going to Pokemon Go's Twitter account and voting in a poll that will get posted at 6 PM PDT on Saturday. Players will only have 24 hours to vote, and players will only get one vote per Twitter account. Pokemon Go will announce the winners shortly after the poll closes.

Which Pokemon will you be voting for? Let us know in the comment section!