Pokemon Go Identifies Another Frustrating Bug

Pokemon Go
has acknowledged yet another frustrating bug related to its catch system. After months of complaints, Pokemon Go developers have acknowledged that the game doesn't always apply curveball bonuses when players are trying to catch a Pokemon.

Ideally, players should get a curveball bonus whenever a player hits a Pokemon with a PokeBall with spin to it. Instead, players have found that the curveball needs to cross the middle of the screen in order for the game to register as a curveball, regardless of whether the ball curves or not. Some players even claim that method isn't perfect and that even a perfect curveball won't always register with the game.

Players have been frustrated with the curveball bug for months, especially since it has a major impact on catching Legendary Pokemon and other Raid Bosses. Players get a 1.7x catch multiplier if they can hit a Pokemon with a curveball, which can make all the difference when catching a tricky Pokemon like a Lugia or a Raikou.

For comparison's sake, a player who hits a Lugia with a straight throw has a 9% chance of catching it if they trigger all the other catch bonuses. However, those odds increase to 15% if they hit Lugia with a curveball instead.

Right now, Pokemon Go is "investigating" the root causes of the curveball bug, so it could be some time before they have a fix for this latest glitch. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a quick fix to the curveball bug, unlike the recently fixed "last bug" glitch.


Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid the curveball glitch, but that doesn't mean that Pokemon Go players should stop throwing curveballs either. That bonus could be the difference between catching a Pokemon or missing it, so players should just keep tossing Poke Balls and hope for the best.