'Pokemon Go' Players Capture Legendary Pokemon in Honor of Deceased Friend

Taiwanese Pokemon Go players fulfilled their friend's final wish by catching a Legendary Pokemon in their honor.

ETT Today reported on the touching story, which involved a local Pokemon Go community rallying around a fallen member. An elderly man named Lao Xiao played Pokemon Go with several other players and regularly interacted with them via a Discord-like app called LINE.

When Xiao's cancer suddenly re-emerged and he entered the hospital, he contacted his friends for help catching the Legendary Pokemon Entei, which was set to arrive in Taiwan on November 1st. Xiao knew his hospitalization was serious, but he wanted to make sure that he still had Entei in his collection for when he got out.

Unfortunately, by the time his friends got back to him, Xiao had stopped responding. On October 31st, Xiao's son logged into LINE to inform his Pokemon Go friends that Xiao had passed away the previous day.

Heartbroken, the group attended Xiao's funeral and asked his family for his phone to fulfill his final request. Xiao's Pokemon Go comrade-in-arms then found an Entei and caught it using Xiao's account.

In addition, several of Xiao's friends renamed their Pokemon "Xiao's Honor Guard" and "Xiao's Air Force" to escort Xiao to his final resting place.

The story serves as a touching reminder that, to many players, Pokemon Go is much more than a game. It's also a community of friends and allies, with bonds forged in battle against powerful Pokemon.