Pokemon Go Will Add New Pokemon in Festival of Lights

Pokemon Go has announced that its upcoming Festival of Lights event will serve as the debut for a brand new Pokemon. The Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon Dedenne will make its debut during the upcoming Festival of Lights event, which runs from November 5th though November 14th. The Pokemon will appear in the wild along with other "bright" Pokemon like Tynamo, Fennekin, Blitzle, and Litwick. Additionally, the Festival of Lights event will come with several new bonuses, including Friendship levels increasing twice as fast, more rewards from Gifts, and an increased limit to the number of gifts you can open at one time. The event will also feature a bonus celebration exclusive to India to celebrate the actual holiday of Diwali, which takes place on November 4th. The India-exclusive celebration will run on November 7th and will feature a double catch candy bonus and increased spawns of both Dedenne and Blitzle.

Niantic also announced that the event will continue the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research storyline, which features players befriending the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa. Players who complete this Special Research by the end of the month will receive an additional Special Research quest which likely features Hoopa Unbound. 

Additionally, the Festival of Lights will also lead into a new Team Rocket event. "With Light Comes Shadow..." will not only feature an increased Team Rocket presence in the game at PokeStops and in balloons, but players can also used Charged TMs to remove Frustration from their Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon have a significantly higher Attack stat than non-Shadow Pokemon, so this is an opportunity to add some heavy firepower to your various competitive teams. More information about the Team Rocket event is expected to be announced soon. 


Pokemon Go is wrapping up its Season of Mischief with several events in November. In addition to the Festival of Lights, Pokemon Go will also hold a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl tie-in event later this month. A Dia de Muertos event also launches today. Unlike last year's Dia de Muertos event, this year's event is available around the world.