Find Pokemon Go Raids With GymHuntr Without Putting Your Account At Risk

Pokemon Go Raid Map
(Photo: GymHuntr)

Those involved with Pokemon Go have undoubtedly heard about — and perhaps even participated in — spoofing a player's location in order to easily pick up some far-away Pokemon, much to the frustration of those players who instead prefer to travel and search for their finds. While several of these spoofing programs allow players to track Pokemon and hot spots and have subsequently been targeted and taken down by Niantic, one program called GymHuntr that allows players to scan their location for surrounding gyms can now keep track of nearby raids at no risk to your account.

This program won't artificially place you at the location of the raid like spoofing programs do, but it'll help you plan out your routes and make plans to participate in a nearby raid before it begins. GymHuntr works by having the player input their location, and it'll show you where you are on a map along with nearby gyms and which team controls the gym. Following the most recent Pokemon Go update, the service will also keep track of what raids are appearing around you and will also indicate both the time remaining before the raid begins and how long you have left to participate in it. You can test it out by navigating to the page and inputting your location here.

A pink timer above a gym will indicate a countdown before a raid begins, and an orange timer means that it's time to get in on the raid while you can because it's already underway. A tweet from the GymHuntr indicated that players will even be able to keep track of which Pokemon will be the boss of the raids, but some users are reporting that it doesn't always show the boss, something that might have to first be triggered by another player participating in the raid.

For now though, you can use this to scope out nearby raids to use your Raid Pass on and get a chance at receiving some exclusive drops and possibly a powerful Pokemon. Since you aren't submitting account information at all and you aren't spoofing, your progress and account are also safe while using GymHuntr, though it's always encouraged that players examine these sorts of programs closely before opting to use one.

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