Pokemon Go Players Unhappy About the Return of Flower Crown Eevee

Pokemon Go players are expressing frustration about the return of a costumed Pokemon. Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced that Eevee would be the focus of September and October's Research Breakthrough. The Flower Crown Eevee, which first appeared in the game back in February, will appear as the game's Research Breakthrough encounter from now until November 1st. Players can potentially complete the Research Breakthrough eight times, which gives players enough Flower Crown Eevee to evolve the Pokemon into all of its various evolutions. The Shiny version of Flower Crown Eevee is also available in the game.

So why aren't players happy about the return of Flower Crown Eevee? In order to obtain a Research Breakthrough encounter, players have to complete Field Research tasks on seven different days. In past months, players were rewarded with Legendary Pokemon for their Research Breakthrough reward, so the change to a costumed Pokemon that players have already obtained is a bit....underwhelming. Additionally, players have noticed that Eevee has seemingly stopped spawning in the wild. While Eevee is a common Pokemon, some of its evolutions are quite powerful and are useful in various raids and gym battles. Seeing the Pokemon disappear to promote a costumed variant (which can only be caught at a low level) was a bit annoying for some who had plans to add another Eeveelution in the coming months.

Luckily, there are lots of other events and perks to keep Pokemon Go players happy over the next few weeks. The first of three Ultra Bonus events begins today, which will give players the opportunity to catch and obtain various rare Pokemon. Plus, Pokemon Go will start adding Pokemon originally seen in Pokemon Black and White later this month. There's also the monthly Community Day events and Halloween to look forward to, so players disappointed with Flower Crown Eevee should still have plenty of other things to do over the next couple of months.