'Pokemon Go': New "Gen 4" Pokemon Are Live

Pokemon Go has officially added its first wave of "Gen 4" Pokemon. The new Pokemon are appearing in the wild right now.

In a surprise move, Pokemon Go has quietly added a new wave of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region — the area explored in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While players are still discovering which Pokemon are included in the first wave, it appears to include the Starter Pokemon Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar, along with Buneary and Bidoof.

A new trailer showing off some of the many new Pokemon coming to the game can be seen below:

A press release from Pokemon Go confirmed that the "Gen 4" Pokemon will be released in raids, and that more Pokemon will begin appearing over the next few weeks. The press release mentioned that the new Pokemon will also be incorporated into egg pools and into Raid Battles, although we haven't seen any new Raid Bosses... yet.

Interestingly, it appears that the game has not implemented the "Gen 4" evolutions of Pokemon already in the game. Pokemon like Rhydon, Magmar, or Piloswine cannot be evolved at this time. In addition, it also appears that Pokemon Go hasn't updated the game with any new moves. Previous datamines suggested that developers would add about 20 new moves to the game.


In addition, Pokemon Go has also confirmed that the game will be expanding the game's storage options for Pokemon, which should make a lot of players very happy. Pokemon Go will also be implementing a new stats rebalance very soon.

Obviously, a lot is happening right now in Pokemon Go and we'll have complete information about the changes as its compiled. As of right now, it seems like its time to get out and go exploring.