'Pokemon Go' Turns Giratina Into a True Monster With New Move Addition

Pokemon Go has upgraded Giratina ahead of its next appearance as a Raid Boss, turning the [...]

Pokemon Go has upgraded Giratina ahead of its next appearance as a Raid Boss, turning the Legendary Pokemon into a viable Pokemon for PvP battles and raids. Players noticed that Niantic recently added the move Shadow Ball to the move pool of the Origin Forme of Giratina, the alternate form of Giratina being introduced to the game in a few days. Shadow Ball is considered the best Ghost-type Charge move in the game and gives Giratina a powerful Charge Move that should make it much more impactful as a Ghost-type attacker. While Giratina-Origin doesn't have as high as an attack as Gengar, it is much bulkier and isn't weak against Psychic-type attacks, so Giratina should be a top option whenever players need a Ghost-type attacker in a raid.

The addition of Shadow Ball does come with a cost, though, as Giratina-Origin will not have access to Dragon Claw, which nerfs its effectiveness as a Dragon-type attacker. However, players who have the Altered Forme of Giratina will still have access to Dragon Claw as a charge move, as Giratina's two forms have different movesets. Basically, if you want a Giratina with Dragon-type moves, use the Altered Forme, while Giratina's Origin Forme is better for Ghost-type attacks.

Giratina's Origin Forme will be added to Pokemon Go on April 2nd. Players will have the opportunity to battle Giratina in its Altered Forme from March 28th through April 2nd.


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