Pokemon Go Nerfs Another Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go has given another Legendary Pokemon a major power decrease.

As part of the changes made to the game yesterday, Pokemon Go nerfed Groudon to bring it in line with other top-tier Pokemon. As with Slaking, Mewtwo, and Ho-Oh, Groudon received a 9% decrease in all of its stats.

Groudon is the "mascot Legendary" of Pokemon Ruby and is generally considered to be one of strongest Pokemon. A Ground-Type Pokemon, Groudon has a powerful "Primal" form that boosts its attack strength and prevents it from taking any damage from Water-Type attacks.

Groudon's attack stat was originally 297, which put it at about Mewtwo's attack power. After the nerf, Groudon's attack stat is now 270, which drops it to about Alakazam's attack level. Groudon's defense and stamina stats also took a hit - dropping from 276 and 200 to 251 and 182 respectively.


Because of the various decreases, Groudon's CP also took a major hit, dropping from 4874 to 4063, or nearly 20%. There is one silver lining: Groudon will still have the highest CP in the game when it gets added to the game.

Sadly, Groudon's recent nerf isn't necessarily a sign that it'll be added to the game in the immediate future. Ho-Oh received a similar nerf back in October and it took nearly a month and a half before it was officially added to the game. However, it is a sign that Groudon will be the next Legendary Pokemon to appear once Ho-Oh officially leaves the game in a few days.