Another Hint That Groudon is Coming Soon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go just gave another hint that Groudon will be its next Legendary Pokemon.

Last night, a popular dataminer reported that Pokemon Go had updated three Pokemon's 3D assets, including Groudon. While the dataminer claimed there were no noticeable changes to how Groudon look, the update indicates that Pokemon Go developers are working fast to prepare Groudon as the game's next Legendary Pokemon.

Of course, the news that Groudon is coming soon to Pokemon Go shouldn't surprise anyone. Groudon's 2D assets were added to Pokemon Go's server along with the other "Gen 3" Pokemon last week. In addition, a trailer for Pokemon Go's "Gen 3" launch also included a Raid Battle featuring Groudon.

With Groudon's arrival a seeming inevitability, the only real question is when it will appear. Pokemon Go is currently without a Legendary Raid due to the departure of Ho-Oh yesterday, but rumbles of "raid burnout" is growing among the game's userbase. Between EX Raids, Gen 3 Pokemon that can only be caught in raids, and Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon Go basically demands that players participate in multiple raids per week if they want to stay on the forefront of the game.

There's also Pokemon Go's Holiday event to consider. It's possible that Pokemon Go could wait a week to unleash Groudon to coincide with the beginning of the game's next event, which is supposed to start on December 21st.


Groudon seems to be a lock as Pokemon Go's next Legendary Pokemon. With a gaping absence of Legendary Pokemon currently in the game, fans should keep an eye out for more news about this Pokemon's arrival soon.