Pokemon Go Just Made a Major Change to How Players Battle

Pokemon Go is about to make a massive change to the way players battle.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a major new update that will add 50 new Pokemon to the game. That update was just posted to APK sites, which means that some players are already checking out what other changes are being made to the game.

Probably the biggest change seen so far involves how players battle in gyms and raids. Every Pokemon has two attacks: the "fast" move and the "charge" move. Players use the fast move by tapping on the screen and hold their finger on the screen to use the charge move.

However, the new update changes how players use that charge move. Instead, a button is at the bottom of the screen. When a player collects enough energy to use the charge move, the button lights up for the player to tap.

Of course, this means that players can just "tap" where the button appears in order to use the charge move as soon as it's ready. A few players have also pointed out that the UI change also opens up the possibility of Pokemon Go introducing Pokemon knowing multiple charge moves sometime in the future.

The "charge meter" that tracks how powerful a move is has also moved from the top right of the screen to just below the charge button.

Here's an up close look at the new battle UI:

New UI when using charge move

Other changes to the UI includes messages staying on the screen in a message box instead of quickly disappearing.

This isn't the only change coming to Pokemon Go later this week. Stay tuned for more information soon!