Pokemon Go Gives Ho-Oh a Buff and Then Takes It Away

One of Pokemon Go's Legendary Pokemon had a temporary strength increase....but only for a few hours.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go players noticed that their Ho-Oh suddenly got a boost in power when the Gen 3 Pokemon appeared in the game. Ho-Oh originally had a Stamina stat of 193, but after the increase it jumped up to 212. This gave Ho-Oh a maximum CP of 4063, technically making it the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

However, five hours later, Ho-Oh received an unceremonious nerf, pushing its Stamina stat back down to 193 and its max CP back down to a "mere" 3889.

It's unclear why Pokemon Go gave Ho-Oh a boost in its power...or why it reversed course just a few hours later. Ho-Oh isn't exactly a popular Pokemon in the current metagame, as its decent Defense and Stamina stats are largely wasted because it can't be placed into gyms and it lacks a strong Fire-Type moveset. Because of its unimpressive attacks, Ho-Oh ranks below both Entei and Moltres in terms of being a Fire-Type attacker.

Sadly, Pokemon Go didn't tweak Ho-Oh's moveset on Friday, even though several Pokemon got some helpful new moves.


Even with the boosted Stamina stat, it's doubtful that Ho-Oh would get used more often in gym and raid battles, even though some players would undoubtedly be attracted to its gaudy CP stat.

Ho-Oh remains one of those Pokemon that you'll want to have in your collection, but won't really need to power up or use...at least not until it's given some necessary changes.