Pokemon Go Adds Jessie and James, Iconic Meowth Balloon

(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go has added Jessie and James as part of its ongoing Team Rocket event. For a limited time, players can battle Jessie and James in Pokemon Go as the duo attempt to create more Shadow Pokemon. Unlike normal Team Rocket Grunts, the duo will appear in their iconic Meowth Balloon, but otherwise behave similarly to the normal Grunts players face in the game. During the battle, players will only battle one of the pair, with Jessie using her Ekans and James using his Koffing. Players also have the opportunity of capturing Shadow versions of the pair's most iconic Pokemon after defeating them in battle. To commemorate the pair's arrival, Pokemon Go has made the duo's costume free to obtain in the in-game store. The video announcing the pair's arrival can be seen below:

Jessie and James are iconic Pokemon characters best known for their long antagonistic relationship with Ash Ketchum and his friends. While the Pokemon games feature different villainous teams every generation, the Team Rocket duo have remained Ash's most frequent foes, although they do occasionally join forces with Ash when necessary. Although they appeared in almost every episode at the beginning of the Pokemon series, the duo now only make occasional appearances.

Team Rocket is in the middle of another "takeover" event, this time featuring grunts appearing in hot air balloons. While players previously had to go to PokeStops to battle trainers, the balloons appear approximately once every six hours and let the players battle Pokemon from the comfort of their own home. Although Jessie and James will only appear for a limited time, Pokemon Go has not indicated whether the Team Rocket Balloons are a permanent feature or not.