Pokemon Go Announces Tepig as July Community Day Pokemon

The Fire-type Starter Pokemon Tepig will be the focus of Pokemon Go's next Community Day. Niantic [...]

The Fire-type Starter Pokemon Tepig will be the focus of Pokemon Go's next Community Day. Niantic confirmed that Tepig will be the focus of July's Community Day, which will take place on July 3rd. As the focus of Community Day, Tepig will appear in greater numbers during the one-day event. Additionally, any Pignite evolved into an Emboar will learn the Fire-type move Blast Burn, a move exclusive to Fire-type Starter Pokemon. The event will also mark the debut of Tepig's Shiny variant to Pokemon Go. The event will also have a 3x Catch Stardust Bonus and any Lure Modules or Incense activated during the event will last for three hours. As with past events, the Community Day will also have a Special Research quest available for $1 as well as a special event box.

While a Blast Burn Emboar won't shake up Pokemon Go's metagame in either PvP or raid battles, players are still excited for the upcoming Community thanks to Emboar's superior Shiny form. Emboar's Shiny Form features golden skin and blue flames and the consensus is that it's one of the better Shiny versions of a Starter Pokemon.

July is shaping up to be a busy month for Pokemon Go. After the Community Day event, Pokemon Go will host its annual Pokemon Go Fest event, which will feature the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta, several region-exclusive Pokemon available to all players for the first time, and new costumed and Shiny Pokemon appearances.

Pokemon Go is currently wrapping up its Solstice event before pivoting to a meme-tastic Bidoof Breakout event. Not only will players have the chance to capture a Shiny Bidoof for the first time, it will also feature Bidoof learning moves that they wouldn't be able to use in normal gameplay. Pokemon Go also announced that it would start introducing region-exclusive costumed Pokemon to the game, beginning with a Pikachu available only in Okinawa.

The Tepig Community Day will take place on July 3rd from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. Players will have several additional hours to evolve their Emboar and still have it learn Blast Burn.