Pokemon Go's Next Event Will Feature Old School Pokemon

pogo kanto

Pokemon Go's next event will involve the original Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Pokemon Go sent out its monthly newsletter earlier this morning to inform players of upcoming events and new features. Most of the announcements were already well known to fans, but one interesting tidbit buried deep in the newsletter was a complete surprise to fans.

"Trainers, starting April 10, we’ll be hosting a special celebration in honor of the Kanto region in Pokémon GO!" the newsletter read. "Keep your eyes on the official Pokémon GO website and social media channels for more information surrounding this event."

The Kanto region was the area first explored in Pokemon Red and Blue and was later revisted in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Because both sets of games were remade years later, the Kanto region is both the most visited region in the Pokemon franchise and also its most well known.

The newsletter didn't provide any additional details about the events, but players are already speculating what the new event could entail. At the very least, Pokemon Go will at least increase the spawn rates of the Pokemon from the Kanto region....which coincidentally were the first Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go.

While longtime players of Pokemon Go probably have most of the Kanto Pokemon, they have gotten more rare over time due to developers adding more Pokemon to the game. Increased spawn rates could help newer players fill some holes in their Pokedexes, although older players who have played the game since last July probably wouldn't be too thrilled if that was the main bonus of the new event.

The Kanto region also has the second most regional-exclusive Pokemon, so it's possible that we could get a temporary rotation of regional spawns to help those players who can't travel from continent to continent.


Pokemon Go also has a new Community Day coming up later this month, with Mareep appearing in mass quantities all around the world. The game is also promoting Earth Day events by increasing the spawns of certain Pokemon if players register at certain participating Earth Day events.

What do you think about the newest event? Are you excited to see a spotlight on Pokemon Go's oldest Pokemon, or would you rather see the game focus on newer Pokemon that more fans haven't found yet? Let us know in the comment section!