Niantic Employee Hints at a "Legendary" Summer for Pokemon Go

pokemon go mewtwo
(Photo: Nintendo)

For months, people associated with Pokemon Go have hinted that Legendary Pokemon will be coming to the game sometime in 2017. From CEO John Hanke to general manager Yoshiji Kawashima, it seems that everyone at Niantic Labs wants people to know that Pokemon like Mewtwo, Articuno, and Ho-Oh are on the way.

Earlier this week, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences held their 21st annual Webby Awards. During the ceremony, Archit Bhargava accepted five Webby Awards on behalf of Niantic for their work in creating last year's biggest mobile hit. Having only a few seconds to accept the awards, Bhargava promised the crowd that "this summer would be legendary" before walking off the stage.

Although it sounds a little vague, Bhargava's comments are probably the clearest indication that we've gotten about Niantic's plans for Legendary Pokemon. Bhargava's role at Niantic includes marketing, so there's no way that he wouldn't have brought up "Legendary" without knowing exactly what it meant to fans.


Hanke previously said that Niantic wanted to introduce Legendary Pokemon via some sort of large scale cooperative event, so it shouldn't be too much longer until we hear about their plans. After all, Niantic will want to give fans at least a little bit of time to plan for the events, especially if they involve a lot of travel. Stay tuned to see exactly what Pokemon Go has planned for later this year.