Pokemon Go's New Loading Screen Teases Some Legendary Additions to the Game

Pokemon Go's next loading screen features multiple new Pokemon yet to appear in the game, [...]

Pokemon Go's next loading screen features multiple new Pokemon yet to appear in the game, including a Legendary Pokemon from the Kalos region. A new loading screen is set to go live later today in Pokemon Go, featuring a brand new piece of artwork. The artwork depicts the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas standing atop a waterfall, looking down at a human trainer and a handful of Pokemon. The artwork depicts multiple Pokemon that are not currently available in Pokemon Go, including the Eevee evolution Sylveon and the Kalos Pokemon Pancham and Aromatisse. The loading screen certainly seems to indicate that all four Pokemon will be added to the game in the coming weeks or months. The full artwork can be seen below:

pogo loading screen
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Many Pokemon Go fans assumed that the Kalos Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde would be added as part of the game's Season of Legends, which runs through June. However, given the slow drip of Kalos Pokemon content, many fans wondered when popular Pokemon like Pancham or Sylveon would be added, especially as both have non-traditional evolution methods in Pokemon Go. Pancham requires another Dark-type Pokemon to be in a player's party to evolve into Pangoro, while Sylveon requires a high level of friendship. Aromatisse also has a unique evolution method, which requires a trade while holding a specific kind of item. Pokemon Go usually simplifies evolution methods in its game, but many Pokemon with unusual evolution methods are often held back for months or even years without explanation.

Pokemon Go's March events are in full swing right now. The game's next event, which focuses on Electric-type Pokemon and introduces a new line of Pokemon, launches on Tuesday. An event focusing on Pokemon affected by the weather is also planned for the end of the month. The game is also rolling out the Therian Formes of the Legendary Pokemon Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus over the next month or so.