The 'Pokemon Go' Mewtwo Raid Is Incredibly Hard to Beat

Pokemon Go gave Mewtwo's Raid Boss stats a huge boost today, which is giving players fits as they try to defeat the powerful Legendary Pokemon for the first time.

Earlier today, Mewtwo started to appear in Pokemon Go gyms for players to battle as a regular Raid Boss. While Mewtwo has been part of Pokemon Go for over a year, this marks the first time that players can battle this powerful Pokemon without an EX Raid Pass.

While players thought they had Mewtwo pretty well scouted, they were in for a very unpleasant surprise when Mewtwo first appeared. Pokemon Go developers increased Mewtwo's Raid Boss stats by 50%, giving Mewtwo a CP of 60,510.

When Mewtwo was an EX Raid Boss, its CP was only about 40,000, which is still powerful but much more manageable for a small team of experienced and prepared players to defeat. Some players had even reported being able to defeat Mewtwo with only two trainers, which is basically impossible now.

Players are still testing out the limits of Mewtwo's powers, but it seems like players will need at least five players with full teams of Mewtwo counters if they want a chance at defeating Mewtwo. The most effective Pokemon to use against Mewtwo is Mewtwo, but Gengar and Tyranitar are also effective if they have Ghost- or Dark-type attacks.

Players with unoptimized teams will likely need to be in a raid group of at least 10 players if they want to beat Mewtwo. For reference's sake, I tried fighting Mewtwo in a group of six players who were Level 31 or higher but didn't have optimized teams and only got Mewtwo to about half HP before the raid was over.

Mewtwo's incredible stats are both a boon and a bane for players. On the one hand, this is exactly the sort of challenge many Pokemon Go players have craved since the game came out in 2016. On the other, you'll almost definitely need to find a large raid group if you want to beat Mewtwo for the first time.


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