Pokemon Go Brings Back GO Battle League

After some extended downtime, Niantic has announced the return of GO Battle League in Pokemon Go. [...]

After some extended downtime, Niantic has announced the return of GO Battle League in Pokemon Go. GO Battle League was shut down thanks to an exploit in the game, but now players will be able to participate in league battles once again. As a result of the shutdown, Niantic has made a handful of changes to GO Battle League. Most notably, the leaderboard has been temporarily disabled. Niantic does plan to bring it back, but no set return date for the feature has been announced. Regardless, GO Battle League has been a welcome addition to Pokemon Go since its introduction, so fans should be excited to see it return!

In addition to the leaderboard changes, GO Battle League rewards are also changing from June 23rd through June 30th. During this time, Rare Candy in the Premium reward category is now a reward for four GO Battle League wins, rather than five. There has also been a change made to the Pokemon that will appear in the reward tiers. Players will no longer find Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott during these encounters.

GO Battle League went down earlier this month, after a player named "JesusG1310" appeared to be cheating. The player climbed to the top of the leaderboards quickly, despite the fact that he had participated in fewer battles than other trainers. Video of some of JesusG1310's wins showed the player's Pokemon gaining extra energy while using Charge Move attacks, as well. At the time, Niantic issued a statement indicating they had a zero-tolerance policy for cheating, and it looks like the developer is working to ensure the game remains fair for all participants.

As a result of the downtime, the schedule for GO Battle League has been updated:

  • The Ultra League will run through July 6th.
  • Master League and Premier Cup will run from July 6th through July 20th.
  • All leagues and the Premier Cup will be available from July 20th through July 27th.
  • Season 3 will kick-off on July 27th.

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