Pokemon Go May Be Designing a Way for Players to Add More PokeStops

Pokemon Go players are getting excited about a new job listing, which hints at some of the game's longterm plans.

Yesterday, Niantic posted a job opening for a full stack web engineer on their website. The job posting calls for an engineer that can build a new web application that "lets millions of users view and submit data on the world's most interesting locations."

While Niantic has multiple games that uses real world locations, fans immediately got excited as it indicates that Niantic is working on a better system to submit potential PokeStop and Gym locations in Pokemon Go.

Currently, Pokemon Go players can't technically submit locations to Niantic for potential inclusion in the game. Instead, Niantic relies on players of their other game Ingress to submit new locations. Players who reach a certain level in Ingress can participate in "Open Portal Submission" windows. Niantic then takes these submissions, vets them, and adds them to both Ingress and Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go players, which vastly outnumber Ingress players, feel this method is a bit unfair, so the potential new web app is a pretty exciting prospect.

Those looking to apply for the position will need the following qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science or other technical major with equivalent experience
  • Experience with Javascript and web frameworks, particularly AngularJS
  • Experience with server-side technologies such as Java and/or Python strongly preferred

You can find more details about the job here.