Pokemon Go to Release "Rare Pikachu" at Upcoming Conference

Pokemon Go
is releasing some kind of Pikachu at an upcoming computer graphics conference. A promotional email (first posted on Reddit) for the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference states that Niantic Inc. will release a "rare Pikachu" during the event, which will take place in Los Angeles from July 30 to August 2nd.

It's unclear what the "rare Pikachu" could be, but the early speculation is that it's either a Pikachu wearing a hat (similar to the Party Hat Pikachu released earlier this year) or a Shiny Pikachu.

It's also possible that the game could simply be setting up an increased spawn of Pikachu similar to Snorlax and Lapras events held in Japan.

SIGGRAPH is an annual computer graphics conference attended by thousands of animators and programmers every year. The conference is notable for being where Pixar presented its first animated short in 1986.

Niantic Inc. is attending the event and will host a panel about Pokemon Go. Several Niantic employees and game developers will discuss the "Evolution of AR in Pokemon Go" and the challenges of creating an app used by millions at a time.

The email also lists several other special attractions during the conference, including a live giraffe for a live drawing session, an off-site reception featuring the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and a Production Gallery featuring props from various Marvel Studios and Sony movies.

However, attending SIGGRAPH as a fan could be expensive. Tickets for exhibits only cost $50 and a ticket to attend the full conference costs over $1,000. Still, if you're in Los Angeles and have some time and money to burn, it might be worth attending to see what sort of rare Pikachu appears.


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