Pokemon Go Seemingly Set to Limit Number of Remote Raids Per Day

Pokemon Go seems poised to limit the number of Remote Raid Passes players can use in a single day. Yesterday, Niantic made a code push that changed some text within the game. One of the more notable changes was to the description for Remote Raid Passes. The text (as shown in the tweet below), states that players "can join [0] Raids a day." Many are looking at this text change as a confirmation that Niantic is planning to limit the number of Remote Raids a player can complete in a single day, although no limits have been currently implemented. 

If implemented, the change will likely infuriate many fans, who use Remote Raid Passes for a variety of reasons. Pokemon Go first launched Remote Raids in the early days of the pandemic. These special passes allow players to join a raid from any distance and allows players to join a raid via invitation from a friend. During the pandemic, Remote Raid Passes became the dominant way of completing raids, which are used to battle and capture Legendary Pokemon, but Pokemon Go began testing ways to limit Remote and distanced raids back in 2021. 

The move is a strange one – not only will it be divisive to fans (many of whom still socially distance for various ways), it also seemingly limits one of Niantic's main ways to monetize their free-to-play game. However, Remote Raid Passes do seemingly run counter to Niantic's expressed goals for Pokemon Go, which is to encourage players to gather together and play in public. Raids are one of the easiest ways to draw a crowd of Pokemon Go players, although the game still doesn't have an in-game system to organize raid parties or a way to provide parity to rural and suburban players.