Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know About Seel Spotlight Hour

Pokemon Go is having its weekly Spotlight Hour today, this time focusing on the Water-type Pokemon Seel. Every week, Pokemon Go hosts a Spotlight Hour event, in which one species of Pokemon appears in larger quantities in the wild. The event is a solid chance to hunt for Shiny Pokemon, add a couple of high IV Pokemon to your collection, or simply fill in a hole in your Pokedex. This week's featured Pokemon is Seel, a Gen 1 Water-type Pokemon. Not only is Seel a popular Pokemon, its evolved form Dewgong also has a spot in some competitive modes.

Here's everything you need to know about today's event:

Seel Spotlight Hour Time and Bonuses

The Seel Spotlight Hour takes place from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Players will get twice the Catch XP during the Spotlight Hour.

Shiny Seel and Dewgong Details

Seel's Shiny Form is available in Pokemon Go. There's not a major difference between the Shiny and non-Shiny forms of Seel - a Shiny Seel has cream-colored skin, while a non-Shiny Seel's white skin has a softer, bluer tint. Dewgong and Shiny Dewgong have identical skin colors to Seel.

Dewgong PvP Viability

Dewgong is a solid budget Ice-type Pokemon to use in gym and raid battles. Because of the abundance of Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon, Dewgong is great to use in raid teams, especially if you're starting out or don't have the resources to power up a Legendary Pokemon to full strength. Similarly, Dewgong is also a solid Pokemon to use in Great League, although it's vulnerable to Steel-type Pokemon and Fighting-type moves, but its CP is too low to really use in higher leagues.



This is the first of five Spotlight Hours planned for Pokemon Go this month. Future Spotlight Hours will feature Pokemon like Snover, Snorunt, and Swinub, as well as a "Mystery Pokemon" (which is almost certainly a costumed Pikachu.) This month will also feature the reappearance of Kyurem in Legendary Raids, as well as the first appearance of Mega Abomasnow.