Pokemon Go Shinx Community Day: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go's latest Community Day is here, with a focus on the Electric-type Pokemon Shinx. Pokemon Go is hosting its monthly Community Day today starting at 11 AM local time. This month's Community Day will focus on Shinx, an Electric-type Pokemon originally seen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Today's Community Day not only syncs up nicely with the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it also adds a brand new move to the game – the Psychic-type move Psychic Fangs. 

Here's everything you need to know about today's Pokemon Go event.

Shinx Community Day – Times and Date

Shinx's Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on November 21st.

Shinx Community Day – Exclusive Move

Any Luxio that is evolved into Luxray will automatically learn the Psychic-type move Psychic Fangs. Psychic Fangs is a new charge move to Pokemon Go that deals 40 damage and will lower an opponent's defense by one stage. While not too powerful on its own, the addition of a defense-lowering ability makes this a very strong move that will add a lot of intrigue and flexibility to Luxray in competitive formats. 

Adding Psychic Fangs to a Luxray's moveset increases its viability by a lot in both Great League and Ultra League formats. Ideally, you'll want a Luxray with Spark, Wild Charge, and Psychic Fangs as its moves to maximize its potential.

Shinx Community Day – Other Bonuses

The Shinx Community Day comes with several bonuses, in part because it's the last "normal" Community Day of the year. Players will receive a 1/4 hatch distance bonus for any egg incubated after the event starts. Players will also receive triple the normal amount of Candies for transferring Pokemon during the event. Players will also receive free raid passes from spinning gym photodiscs, and incense will last longer during the event.

Like other Community Day events, Shinx Community Day will also feature a boosted Shiny rate for Shinx. Shiny Shinx is a "golden" Pokemon, with yellow fur instead of its usual blue and black. Here's a close up look of Shinx's Shiny form.