'Pokemon Go' Adds Surprise Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go has added three new Shiny Pokemon as a bit of a surprise during its Holiday Event. The [...]

Pokemon Go has added three new Shiny Pokemon as a bit of a surprise during its Holiday Event.

The popular mobile game launched its annual Holiday Event, a special event featuring new Pokemon and major bonuses to celebrate the year end. As part of the event, Pokemon Go announced that a Shiny variant of Delibird could be found in the wild during the event. However, Pokemon Go secretly snuck in Shiny versions of Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill into the game as well.

Shiny Pokemon have alternate colorations than normal Pokemon and are usually quite rare in the wild. Both Shiny Azurill and Marill have green skin/fur while Azumarill is a bright golden color. Meanwhile, the Shiny Delibird has purple feathers instead of its usual red feathers.

As a Baby Pokemon, Azurill can only be found in 7 KM eggs, but both Marill and Azumarill can be found in the wild.

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, players can also find Shiny versions of Santa Hat Pichu and Pikachu in the wild (or eggs, in the case of Pichu.)

The Holiday Event also features thirteen new species of Pokemon, plus the Legendary Pokemon Heatran. Ice-type Pokemon are also spawning at an increased rate during the event, and many Ice-type Pokemon are appearing as Raid Bosses in gyms.

Players will also get different bonuses between now and the end of the year thanks to the Holiday Event. Right now, players will get double candies for every Pokemon they catch or transfer. Starting on December 22nd, players will get double Stardust when they catch Pokemon. On December 26th, players will get double XP, and the event finishes off with decreased egg distances between December 30th and January 2nd.

The Holiday Event runs between today and January 2nd, so good luck finding some new Shiny Pokemon to add to your collection!