Pokemon Go Adds Six New Shiny Pokemon for New Event

Pokemon Go has added three sets of Shiny Pokemon as part of its new Johto Festival event.

The popular mobile game's Johto Festival is here - a new event highlighted by a new Special Research quest in which players can encounter and capture the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. As part of the new event, players can now find and capture Shiny versions of Sunkern, Natu, and Pineco, along with their respective evolved forms.

Shiny Pokemon have alternate coloration than their non-Shiny forms and are typically very rare. A Shiny Natu has yellow feathers instead of pink feathers, while a Shiny Pineco is orange instead of dark green. Shiny Sunkern's skin is a slightly darker shade of yellow, and is probably the hardest to tell apart from its non-Shiny form. All Shiny Pokemon can also be identified by a small sparkle animation that pops up when the Pokemon first appears on the capture screen.

Pokemon Go confirmed that the new Shiny Pokemon were added earlier in the night, although the game's tweet only mentioned Sunkern and Natu.

Natu, Sunkern, and Pineco are all part of a new Field Research quest tied to the new Johto Festival event. Players need to capture three Natu and Sunkern and receive a Pineco encounter as a reward.


Pokemon Go has added new Shiny Pokemon each month, usually coinciding with different events. Interestingly enough, the Shiny Pokemon only appeared around 6 PM ET, two hours after the new Johto event started.

As of right now, the Johto Festival event doesn't have a specific end date, but it will likely only last for a couple of weeks at the longest.