Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Slakoth for Community Day

As expected, Pokemon Go has added the Shiny variant of Slakoth for its June Community Day. Today, Pokemon Go is holding its monthly Community Day event, a three hour celebration focused on a certain Pokemon. This month's featured Pokemon is Slakoth, which means the Normal-type Pokemon will spawn in mass quantities during the event. In addition to having the opportunity to catch dozens of Slakoth, players in Australia, Asia, and Europe have confirmed that the Shiny variant of Slakoth was also added to the game as part of the event.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternate color patterns than their normal non-Shiny counterparts and are usually quite rare. In the case of Slakoth, the Shiny variant has distinctive pink fur. Although players usually have only a 1 in 400 chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon, Community Day events also feature a boosted spawn rate for the Shiny version of its featured Pokemon. That means that today marks your best chance of getting a Shiny Slakoth.

There's no guaranteed "trick" to finding a Shiny Slakoth, but players will have the best luck heading to an area with dense spawns and lots of PokeStops. These areas will be full of Slakoth during the event, which means players have more chances of finding a Shiny Slakoth. If you need some extra spawns, be sure to lure those PokeStops, which will trigger even more Slakoth spawns for the event.


Any egg placed inside an incubator during Community Day will also have a reduced hatch distance and any Slaking evolved during Community Day will know the charge move Body Slam.

Pokemon Go's Community Day takes place from 3 PM to 6 PM local time.