'Pokemon Go': How to Get the Sinnoh Stone

Pokemon Go has a new evolutionary item, but it'll be a bit more difficult for players to get than [...]

Pokemon Go has a new evolutionary item, but it'll be a bit more difficult for players to get than other items.

The popular mobile game has introduced the Sinnoh Stone, a new way to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The new evolutionary item was introduced as a way for players to evolve Pokemon that had evolutions first seen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

In the main series games, these Pokemon require either evolutionary items or need to be evolved in a certain location, so the Sinnoh Stone is a way to make these evolutions "special" and not give players a chance to instantly add 20 or so Pokemon species to their Pokedex.

Usually, Pokemon Go players can obtain evolutionary items from PokeStops, gyms, or by completing certain Special Research tasks. However, it appears that players will have to work a little harder to obtain a Sinnoh Stone. So far, the only way to collect a Sinnoh Stone is by collecting a Research Breakthrough, a reward given out for completing Field Research tasks on seven separate days.

Players will also need to have 100 Candies in addition to the Sinnoh Stone to evolve these new Pokemon.

On the one hand, limiting players to one Sinnoh Stone a week will give hardcore players something to work towards during the winter months. It'll take players several months to evolve each existing Pokemon into their "Gen 4" evolutionary form if you can only obtain a Sinnoh Stone once per week. However, that seems like a frustratingly slow process, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Pokemon Go speed up the process with an event sometime in the near future.

Players can get a jump start on collecting the candies they need to evolve these new Pokemon thanks to a new event that adds certain Pokemon like Rhydon or Magby into the 2 KM egg pool. The event began earlier today and runs through November 27th.