Pokemon Go's Solstice Event Starts Today

Pokemon Go has launched its latest event celebrating the upcoming solstice. Pokemon Go's Solstice event is back, bringing with it increased appearances of the sun and moon-themed Pokemon Solrock and Lunatone. While these Pokemon are usually separated as region-exclusive Pokemon, both are appearing all around the world during the event. Once the Solstice event ends, Solrock will appear in the Western Hemisphere and Lunatone will appear in the Eastern Hemisphere. Other Pokemon appearing during the event will vary based on where players are - Yanma, Chimchar, and Summer Form Deerling will appear more often in the Northern Hemisphere, while Snorunt, Snover, and Winter Form Deerling will appear more often in the Southern Hemisphere.

Additionally, Pokemon Go also brought back Regigigas as a Raid Boss for the event. While Regigigas was previously an EX Raid Boss in Pokemon Go, this marks the first time that Regigigas is available without needing an invitation. Not only is this first time that Regigigas has been available to all players with no stipulations, the event also marks the debut of Shiny Regigigas to Pokemon Go. Shiny Regigigas has blue body ridges instead of yellow ridges and also has bluer bushes than its normal counterpart.

During the event, a player's Buddy Pokemon will bring them gift items and Poke Balls more often, and the walking distance required to earn hearts with their buddy will be halved. The event will also cycle in new Raid Bosses (Lapras, Piloswine, and Snorunt for Southern Hemisphere players, and Alolan Marowak, Yanma, and Petilil for Northern Hemisphere players.)

The Solstice event runs until June 20th. Afterwards, Pokemon Go will host a Bidoof Breakout that serves as the debut of Shiny Bidoof and capitalizes on Bidoof's meme popularity. In July, Pokemon Go will host its annual Pokemon Go Fest event, which will add the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta and several new costumed Pokemon. Pokemon Go also added Shadow Ho-Oh as a new challenge for players to battle when facing the Team Go Rocket boss Giovanni. Players can also get a Pokemon card featuring Professor Willow for a limited time.