Pokemon Go Is Teasing Special Team Rocket Eggs

Pokemon Go appears to be teasing an entirely new type of egg for the popular mobile video game. Pokemon Go's social media profiles have been teasing some sort of new eggs to hatch and it would seem to tie into some new Team Rocket research and quests. The Italian Pokemon Go account was the first to post about a new type of eggs with red dots, which were "found" by Spark recently. No other information was officially provided about the new type of eggs, but Pokemon Go had previously noted that they will be shifting around its egg pools this week. Thankfully, we already have some idea of what they might include thanks to dataminers.

These eggs, called Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go's code, will contain Dark-type and Poison-type Pokemon and will be available as prizes for defeating Team Rocket leaders...if players have a slot free. As of press time, we don't know how much players will have to walk to hatch the eggs. The eggs will be introduced alongside some new Special Research that features Shadow Mewtwo.

Although adding another egg type that only contains two types of Pokemon seems a bit superfluous, it should be noted that several rare Pokemon are either Dark-type or Poison-type. Most notably, Deino is a Dark-type Pokemon and is among the hardest Pokemon to find in Pokemon Go currently. Other notable Pokemon that could appear in the eggs include Absol, Gastly, Larvitar, and Zorua.

We'll see if the datamine holds up or if Pokemon Go has any other information to share over the next couple of days. Expect to hear more news in the coming days.