Pokemon Go Announces New Global Research, Shiny and Alolan Pokemon For Summer

Pokemon Go has promised some big rewards and bonuses during its 2018 Summer Tour.

Pokemon Go will be hosting three live events on three different continents later this summer as part of its 2018 Summer Tour. The first will be a Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Dortmund, followed by the second annual Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, and ending with a second Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan.

Each event offers attendees chances to catch rare Pokemon and benefit from special bonuses. However, as with last summer's Pokemon Go Fest event, Pokemon Go is offering players who can't attend one of the events a chance to benefit from the different bonuses.

This year, each event will be accompanied by a different set of "Global Challenges," which players around the world can complete to unlock extra bonuses. This year's Global Challenges are focused on Research Tasks, a new quest feature added by Pokemon Go earlier this year. Players in three different global regions (the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe, Africa, and Asia) will be tasked to complete a total of 5 million research tasks while the live event is going on.

If/when each region completes their research task milestone, they'll unlock a different bonus that will go into effect after the event ends. In addition, players will unlock a special "bonus reward" if all three global regions hit their goal AND players at the event complete 100,000 Research tasks.

If players unlock all three bonus rewards, they'll also unlock an "Ultra Bonus" reward, which players are speculating will be the beginning of the "Gen 4" rollout.

Pokemon Go posted a handy guide to the different bonuses, along with different types of rewards and the dates of the global challenges, which can be seen below:

Pokemon Go also announced that some new Shiny Pokemon would appear as part of the different event's festivities. A Shiny version of Rosalia will appear around the world during the Safari Zone event in Dortmund, while Shiny versions of Plusle and Minun will appear around the world during Pokemon Go Fest.

Players around the world will also see an increase in Grass-Type and Poison-Type spawns during the European Safari Zone event, and an increase in Pokemon like Feebas and Trapinch during the Pokemon Go Fest event.


Finally, Pokemon Go also announced that the Alolan forms of Diglett and Geodude will start appearing around the world as part of Pokemon Go Fest.

It looks like Pokemon Go is building towards something big, and every player around the world can get in on the action. We'll have more coverage of these events later this summer, so stay tuned!