Pokemon Go Will Give Away Remote Raid Passes and Add In-Game Bonuses If Players Pick Up Trash and Plant Trees

Pokemon Go's Sustainability Week event will feature multiple rewards if players adopt one of several different kinds of sustainability practices. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced details about its upcoming Sustainability Week event, which kicks off on April 20th. The event will feature the debut of Binacle, a Rock/Water-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X and Y, along with the Shiny form of Trubbish. The event will also feature several tiers of in-game bonuses that will only be unlocked if players show proof that they performed one of several actions designed to encourage sustainability within one's community.

Sustainability has been one of Niantic's major philanthropic causes over the years, and the company has encouraged its players to participate in various cleanup events organized by local non-profits. Due to the global pandemic, Niantic is instead encouraging players to take individual action to support the planet. In a blog post, Niantic noted that "if we all do something small, it can add up to big things."

Niantic is encouraging players to perform actions that fit into one of three categories - Take Care of Your Community, Adopt a New Sustainability Practice, or Help Out a Local Cause. Examples of those actions include picking up trash in your neighborhood, planting trees or shrubs, or volunteering in the neighborhood. Players who post a photo and description of what they did on social media with the hashtag "#SustainableWithNiantic" will have their post count towards global bonuses that will unlock tiers of rewards within Pokemon Go and Ingress.

For Pokemon Go, 2,500 posts will unlock more 5-Star Raids, 5,000 posts will unlock a free bundle with three Remote Raid Passes, and 10,000 posts will unlock a 2x Catch XP bonus for the duration of the event.


Players will also have access to special event Field Research and Timed Research over the course of the week. The Sustainability Week event will run from April 20th through April 25th.