Pokemon Go Player Catches Three Different Shiny Pokemon in 10 Minutes

Outside of in-game events, Shiny Pokemon can be a pretty rare sight in Pokemon Go, but one player managed to find three of them in a 10-minute span! Poster Hexlicious excitedly shared their accomplishment on Reddit, alongside a link to a screenshot. Apparently, within just a few short minutes, the Pokemon Go player was able to find and catch a Shiny Bunnelby, Mr. Mime, and Spoink. The odds of finding that many Shiny Pokemon in such a short time frame must be incredibly low, and it seems the player now has some very cool additions to their collection as a result!

The original Reddit post can be found embedded below.

During Pokemon Go events, developer Niantic will often increase the likelihood of Shiny encounters, but these tend to be for one specific Pokemon during a set timeframe; on a personal note, I've probably managed to catch two Shiny Pokemon in 10 minutes during a Community Day event. However, that's significantly different from catching three totally different Shinies on a normal day! That's simply unheard of, and a very cool accomplishment for a player. In the post, Hexilicious says they "should go buy a lottery ticket." Given the streak of luck they seem to be having, that doesn't sound like a bad idea!

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Shiny Pokemon, they are a specific variation that offers a different color scheme from those of traditional Pokemon. Sometimes, the color variations offer drastic changes, like a green take on Noivern, rather than its traditional purple. Some Shiny Pokemon like Magikarp offer just a slight change, such as a lighter shade of orange. While all Shiny Pokemon tend to be sought-after, some players prefer those with greater differences in coloration. Pokemon fans have been known to go to drastic measures to add Shiny Pokemon to their collections, spending countless hours on the games just to find them. As such, finding three in Pokemon Go by sheer luck is nothing short of awesome!

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