'Pokemon Go' Makes Big Change to Community Days

Pokemon Go has made a major change to its Community Day mini-events, which will start next month.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that its March Community Day event will take place on March 23rd. Community Days are monthly mini-events in which one particular species of Pokemon becomes much more plentiful for a three hour period. March's featured Pokemon is Treecko, a Grass-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Past Community Day events have taken place during one of three time windows determined by which region you were in. So, all players living in North and South America would have their Community Day take place during the same time, even though the continent is split between four different time zones.

However, it appears that Pokemon Go is switching to a rolling event system with fixed times. The March Community Day will take place from 3 PM to 6 PM local time, regardless of what time zone players live in. Players will also have an extra hour to evolve Treecko into Sceptile and obtain its special Community Day move. Niantic confirmed the change in time in the tweet below:


As with other Community Day event, players will also benefit from a yet to be named bonus related to catching Pokemon and will have an opportunity to catch the Shiny version of Treecko. While not confirmed, Sceptile's special move will likely be Frenzy Plant as it has for other Grass-type Starter Pokemon featured during Community Day.