Next 'Pokemon Go' Update Brings Tons of Needed Improvements

Pokemon Go's next update doesn't contain any big new features, but it should still make a lot of [...]

Pokemon Go's next update doesn't contain any big new features, but it should still make a lot of players happy.

Last night, Pokemon Go announced that a new update would be coming out soon. The new update will contain plenty of bug fixes for various issues that have nagged players for week.

The official update notes include the following improvements:

  • Resolved a bug that caused the Pokémon collection screen to scroll to the top after evolving, transferring, or renaming a Pokémon.
  • Added the ability to sort the Pokédex by region.
  • Improved incubator sorting order when selecting an incubator.
  • Improved the way Pokémon scale throughout the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

The biggest quality of life improvement is the fix of a bug that automatically caused the Pokemon screen to scroll to the top after completing just about any action to any Pokemon. This made mass evolving or mass transferring all but impossible, which made it a real pain to do any sort of XP grinding.

Another big change was adjustments to how Pokemon appear in gyms and catch screens. Specifically, Pokemon Go adjusted the size of some bigger Pokemon. One improvement that players noted immediately was that Kyogre is now a LOT easier to hit with a PokeBall than before. Players had previously complained that catching the new Legendary Pokemon was all but impossible due to how far back the Pokemon appeared in the catch screen.

Pokemon Go will also now remember a player's Poke Ball choice from encounter to encounter. So, if you use a Great Ball to catch one Pokemon, the game will now remember it and carry that choice over for the next time you find a Pokemon in the wild.

Other minor changes include a new sortable Pokedex, the addition of shiny icons on the Pokemon collection screen, and some new improvements to the AR+ feature.

Finally, Pokemon Go also changed the loading screen to officially ring in the new year. The new loading screen not only features a new Pokemon (Loudred) but also a nifty easter egg that called back to last year's New Year's loading screen. You can check out the loading screen below:

The new update will probably go live before this weekend, so players can try out the new improvements during the upcoming "Community Day" mini-event.