Pokemon Player Catches Every Single Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon tend to be harder to come by, but one player has managed to acquire every single one [...]

Shiny Pokemon tend to be harder to come by, but one player has managed to acquire every single one currently available in the games! In a video shared to Twitter, user @kyudan_pkmn showcased their collection in Pokemon Home. From the video, it seems that they have not only managed to collect a Shiny of every Pokemon, but also every variation of Pokemon, as well. This means all the different forms of Unown, Vivillon, all the regional variants, and more. In total, this amounts to 1,312 Pokemon, which is a pretty big step from the 150 that appeared in the first generation!

The video from @kyudan_pkmn can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

For those that don't play the Pokemon games, it's impossible to overstate how impressive this accomplishment is. Players will devote countless hours in the game just to get a single Shiny Pokemon, and this player has somehow managed to obtain every single one of them. The amount of time and dedication required must have been massive. Unfortunately, we don't have specific information about how they were able to accomplish this (they did state that "money and time were serious"). However, Pokemon Home allows players to bring in Pokemon obtained in every main series release from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on, so it's possible this collection started a very long time ago!

Since their debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Shiny Pokemon have become some of the most sought-after creatures in the games. Shiny Pokemon do not offer any in-game advantages over their normally-colored counterparts, but their rarity makes them incredibly popular among players. For those that put the time and effort into Shiny hunting, @kyudan_pkmn's collection truly seems like the holy grail! Even Pokemon director Junichi Masuda took time to congratulate them on the accomplishment!

Pokemon Home is currently available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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