Beautiful Johto Legends Vinyl Revives the Music from Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon fans have a gorgeous new suite of music to add to their collections, and for those of you [...]


Pokemon fans have a gorgeous new suite of music to add to their collections, and for those of you who love to collect records, this will be even more exciting! This afternoon iam8bit revealed that it will be selling a beautiful vinyl edition of Johto Legends: Music from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, and you would assume that you know exactly what you're getting here, but you might be surprised! A quick glance at the tracklist reveals 30 unique tunes and variations. You can find the album on bandcamp, and you can find the newly-released vinyl edition right here.

This project has been a long time coming, and the arrangements you're about to hear have been baking inside of the imagination of arranger Braxton Burks since he was a kid. This is what he had to say in this afternoon's press release:

"Johto Legends is a passion project I've wanted to fulfill since I was eleven years old," Burks said. "Almost every day after school, I'd get on the bus home and turn on my Game Boy Color, loaded with a copy of Pokémon Crystal Version. I spent countless hours headbutting trees in the Ilex Forest, exploring the remains of the Burned Tower, and tracking down the legendaries Entei, Raikou, and Suicune... but it was the game's soundtrack that really pulled me in with its memorable 8-bit melodies, an eclectic mix of romantic harmonies and Japanese folk music - the perfect backdrop for the Johto region.

"Sometimes I'd even imagine what the music would sound like if it were orchestrated by one of my idols, John Williams. 'I wish I could do that,' I thought. Well, I ended up carrying that dream to adulthood, fueled by my ongoing love affair with the Pokémon games that persists even to this day. I hope listeners will be able to recall their own nostalgic Pokémon journey - the battles, the towns, the routes and caves... and all the adventures in between."

We think you'll be enchanted. This is a serious blast from the past, but everything has been arranged so beautifully. If you like what you hear, make sure you support the artist by buying his work! This is one vinyl you'll love to have around the house for those lazy afternoons.