Pokemon Legends: Arceus Box Art Has Major Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Easter Egg

The box art for Pokemon Legends: Arceus includes a cool Easter egg that ties back to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Legends: Arceus would be released on January 22, 2022, far earlier than fans anticipated. In addition to the release date, The Pokemon Company released box art for the game, which shows the male and female player character surrounded by a group of Pokemon as they look off at the towering Mount Coronet in the distance.

While the box art itself is a stunning visual, it also contains a pretty cool Easter egg that references both the Mythical Pokemon at the center of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The box art shows the silhouette of a building sitting on the peak of Mount Coronet, obscured by clouds. You can check out a close up of the box art below:

easter egg hed legends
(Photo: Pokemon)

Players will recognize that as a clever Easter egg to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, as those games feature a set of major battles taking place in ancient ruins on top of the mountain. According to the lore in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, people in ancient times met with the Legendary Pokemon of the region at the top of Mount Coronet using special orbs.

The current speculation is that the building shown on the cover art is the Hall of Origin, an area that was programmed in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to serve as the site for an encounter between the player character and Arceus. This area could only be accessed through the Azure Flute, a special item that was never actually distributed to players. Thus, the Hall of Origin never "officially" appeared in a Pokemon game, even though fans have known for its existence for years. Given that Arceus appears to be at the heart of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it would make a lot of sense for the Hall of Origin to have a central role in the new game.


Whether its the actual Hall of Origin or just an intact complex of some time, the building on Mount Coronet is a cool Easter egg that reflects how much time has passed between Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We'll see what other surprises are in store for fans when Pokemon Legends: Arceus is released on January 28, 2022.