'Pokemon: Let's Go' Theory Gives Popular Character a Secret History

The new Pokemon: Let's Go games may have tied together Mewtwo's history with that of a popular [...]

The new Pokemon: Let's Go games may have tied together Mewtwo's history with that of a popular Pokemon video game character.

One of the big post-game reveals in the new Pokemon: Let's Go games is an appearance by Green, the female protagonist from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. While Green has long been a part of Pokemon canon (she appeared in early promo art along with male protagonist Red and rival Blue, and is a main character of the Pokemon Adventures manga), this is her first appearance in a main series Pokemon game since FireRed and LeafGreen.

Her appearance both enthused fans and raised some intriguing questions about her backstory. In Pokemon: Let's Go, Green appears after you capture Mewtwo and expresses dismay that you caught the powerful Legendary Pokemon first. She'll not only challenge players to a battle, she'll also throw PokeBalls at your character so that she can capture you...and by extension capture Mewtwo.

Blaine, the leader of the Cinnabar City Gym, also knows Green and mentions her if you challenge him to a rematch after becoming champion. She teases that Green might have some secret connection to Mewtwo, implying that players don't know the "whole story" when it comes to the enigmatic Pokemon trainer.

So what is Green's tie to Mewtwo? Well, a new theory posted to Reddit by "RikiGrunt" suggests that she might be the video game version of a character from Mewtwo's past. In both the games and the anime, Mewtwo is created by Mr. Fuji, a retired Pokemon scientist. While Fuji's motivations are largely unexplored in the games, the anime explains that Fuji created Mewtwo while trying to clone his deceased daughter Amber. The Amber clone and Mewtwo bonded telepathically while inside their respective cloning chambers, but Amber eventually died a second time before she and Mewtwo could fully mature.

RikiGrunt points out that the Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon: Let's Go contains multiple cloning chambers that could coincide with Mewtwo, Amber, and three Starter Pokemon also cloned by Fuji in the anime series. Mewtwo and Green having some sort of prior relationship could explain Green's odd behavior and her insistence that she take Mewtwo from the player.

Of course, this is just a theory, but Pokemon: Let's Go does take plenty of cues from the anime series. Mewtwo isn't the threat it was in the anime, but that could be because its childhood friend survived instead of dying while in the cloning chamber.

What do you think trainers? Clever theory or grasping for straws? Let us know in the comment section!