New Pokemon Web Domains Registered, Teasing Imminent Reveal

Web domains for two alleged Pokemon games were recently registered, hinting that Nintendo could be [...]

Web domains for two alleged Pokemon games were recently registered, hinting that Nintendo could be revealing the new Pokemon games as soon as this week.

Yesterday, several insiders seemingly confirmed that the next Pokemon games would be titled Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go: Eevee. Now, the company CSC Corporate Domains registered the websites and on May 15th. The same company also registered the official site for the Pokemon Sun and Moon games just one day before its official reveal back in 2016.

Joe Merrick of the Pokemon news site was the first to report the news.

While this shouldn't be taken as official confirmation that the Pokemon Let's Go rumors are true, this certainly tosses more fuel on an already raging fire.

The Pokemon Let's Go games will allegedly be the first main series Pokemon games to be released for the Nintendo Switch and are sure to be top-sellers. While some fans will surely be disappointed that we're getting another game set in the Kanto region, it's a safe bet that appeals to nostalgia and

The new games are allegedly quasi-remakes of Pokemon Yellow and will be set in the Kanto region, the setting for the first three Pokemon games. Players can have their Pokemon follow them around, as they did in Pokemon Yellow, and the game will also have some sort of connectivity with Pokemon Go, with rewards for linking up accounts and possibly a new peripheral device (like the PokeWalker or Pokemon Go Plus) that ties into both games. Some elements from more recent games will also be added, including the PokeRide feature from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The rumored games also explain several moves made recently by the Pokemon Company. Pokemon merchandise has prominently featured Eevee in recent months and the already popular Pokemon got its own Twitter account and a prime role in the new movie. The Pokemon Trading Card Game also seems to be heading towards an expansion featuring Pokemon from the Kanto and Johto region this fall...just in time for the new games to come out.

If past trends hold true, we could see the announcement of a new pair of Pokemon games as early as this week. Nintendo hasn't given any indication that they'll air a Pokemon Direct this week, but that hasn't stopped fans from getting even more excited about the prospect of a new pair of games.