Pokemon Masters Announces Next Sync Pair Addition

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver fans will be thrilled with the next addition to Pokemon Masters. Earlier today, Pokemon Masters confirmed that Lyra and Chikorita will be the next Sync Pair added to the game. The duo will be added as part of a Grass-type Training event that will help players level up their Grass-type Sync Pairs. Lyra and Chikorita are a 5-Star Sync Pair with a focus on Support. While the duo has only one attack - Energy Ball - they also have the defensive move Light Screen as well as two abilities that can buff an entire party.

Additionally, Chikorita can also evolve all the way into Meganium. In addition to getting some permanent stat boosts for evolving, Meganium also has the special Sync Move "Heart of Gold Leaf Storm" which gains power based on the number of buffs Meganium has.

Lyra is the female player character of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and is best known for her oversized cap with a large red bow. Players can choose Lyra at the start of the Pokemon games, and she makes several minor appearances if players choose Ethan (the male Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver player character) instead. Lyra also made several appearances in the Pokemon anime, appearing in the Sinnoh region but having several Pokemon from the Johto region including Chikorita and Marill.

Lyra is the second new Sync Pair to appear in Pokemon Masters after Blue. Players will have the ability to obtain Lyra through the Sync Pair Scout feature. While she'd usually have a pretty slim chance of appearing from the Sync Pair Scout, Pokemon Masters will have a banner event that will give players a slightly boosted chance of grabbing the Sync Pair.

Pokemon Masters has not announced when the duo will appear in the game, but expect an appearance pretty soon.