Pokemon Masters Will Release New Content Every Month

With Pokemon Masters now out on mobile devices Pokemon Trainers have already begun forming their optimal teams and understanding how the new combat and training systems work. As players move through the content that's already available, one of the questions that'll come to mind if it hasn't already relates to how often the game will be updated with new content. According to the game's developer, players won't have to wait long to see new content since it'll be released every month.

Pokemon Masters producer Yu Sasaki spoke on behalf of DeNA, the game's developer, in a post on the Pokemon site which outlined plans for the game and its future content. Among many questions that were asked, one of the inquiries asked how often new content would be released. Sasaki's answer was brief but gave players an expectation of how often they'd see new content.

"We are planning to release new content every month for players to enjoy," Sasaki said.

Since specifics on what types of content players will see weren't given, it looks like we'll have to wait until DeMA and The Pokemon Company are prepared to unveil each month's new content. Another question about the game's difficulty level did give some insight into the more challenging content that'll be released as players progress through the game. Sasaki said there's already some difficult gameplay elements in place now and more will be added in the future.

"At launch, we have some difficult gameplay for the higher-level Pokémon players, and going forward we plan to add new challenging content for these players to enjoy," Sasaki said.

Compared to the Pokemon experience players are typically used to, Pokemon Masters offers something different in the form of 3-on-3 battles and "Sync Pairs." It'll be necessary for players to better understand these new systems as they take on the Pokemon Masters League that's held in Pasio in Pokemon Masters, an event detailed on the game's site.

"The Pokemon Masters League (PML) is a tournament held on Pasio," the site explains. "It features Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champions, and other all-stars from every region, who come together to form teams and participate in intense, 3-on-3 team battles. To participate in the PML, players must battle PML Leaders all over Pasio to obtain five badges. You, as the main character, will team up with Pikachu to form a sync pair, sharing in many adventures as you strive to qualify for the PML."


Pokemon Masters has already been revealing some secrets to players such as the fact that two classic characters are apparently best friends. Players have also picked out one of their favorite Trainers already, and if you're unsure of what the five-star Trainers are, we've got you covered on that as well.