Pokemon Masters: What Are Five Star Trainers?

Pokemon Masters is out now, and players are scrambling to get their hands on Five Star Trainers - the most powerful Sync Pairs in the game. In Pokemon Masters, players recruit Sync Pairs, which consist of one trainer and one Pokemon, to battle in 3-on-3 realtime battles. Some Sync Pairs can be recruited by completing Pokemon Masters' story missions, while others are obtained by using the Sync Pair Scout, which is available to use in the game's Shop. Each Sync Pair has a star ranking, which determines their stats and their maximum level. Three Star Sync Pairs are the most common, while Five Star Sync Pairs are the rarest and also the most powerful Sync Pairs in the game. While a Three Star Sync Pair maxes out at Level 90, a Five Star Sync Pair can be levelled up all the way to Level 100.

Right now, there are nine Five Star Sync Pairs currently available in Pokemon Masters. The Sync Pairs are as follows:

  • Acerola and Palossand
  • Blue and Pidgeot
  • Brandan and Treecko
  • Cheren and Stoutland
  • Karen and Houndoom
  • Kris and Totodile
  • Olivia and Lycanroc
  • Phoebe and Dusclops
  • Rosa and Snivy

Some of these trainers will automatically join your team, while other Sync Pairs can only be obtained by taking your chances with the Sync Pair Scout. Currently, Rosa, Acerola, and Cheren will all join your team when completing certain Story Chapters, while Brendan, Karen, Kris, Olivia, and Phoebe can be obtained through the game's Sync Pair Scout. Typically, players have only a 7% chance of obtaining a Five Star Sync Pair in the Sync Pair Scout, but Pokemon Masters is having a special Launch Celebration where players are guaranteed to get Brendan, Karen, Kris, Olivia, or Phoebe. Players will need to spend 3,000 Gems to use the Launch Celebration Scout, and gems can be obtained either by spending money or by grinding your way through various battles.

Currently, Blue can't be obtained in Pokemon Masters, but he'll likely be added to the game next weekend as part of an upcoming Story event focusing on the iconic trainer and his Pidgeot.

Pokemon Masters is available to download now for Android and iOS devices.