Pokemon Masters Fans Are Thirsting Over the Game's Male Swimmer

An unexpected trainer is getting a lot of attention in Pokemon Masters. Yesterday, DeNA and Nintendo released Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game centered around recruiting Sync Pairs (teams of one Pokemon and one trainer) and then battling them in 3-on-3 battles. While the game features dozens of recognizable trainers from the Pokemon franchise like Brock and Misty, one unexpected trainer is getting all the attention due to his buff physique. Although the Male Swimmer trainer has been a part of the Pokemon franchise since Pokemon Red and Blue, the Swimmer in Pokemon Masters is a lot buffer than usual. What's more - he's also sporting a bit of a tan, complete with a tanline that's visible around his waist. Players are also treated to a view of his backside when he walks away after losing, showing fans that developers took the time to lovingly sculpt every part of his stacked bod.

You can check out the Male Swimmer in all of his glory below:

As the Male Swimmer is one of the first trainers players encounter in the game, he'll likely be an early in-game crush for many players. Unfortunately, he can't be added to your team as he's a generic trainer. Players will just have to be content beating him over and over again in battle.

Fans are already reacting strongly to the Male Swimmer, and he seems like an early high point of the new Pokemon mobile game.


If the Swimmer keeps getting all of Pokemon Masters fans' attention, DeNA will have no choice but make him an unobtainable player in the game. That's how these things usually work, right?

Pokemon Masters is available to download on Android and iOS devices now.